In my early childhood, I’ve Always wanted to be an Inventor even up till now, I’m still trying. Though things feel a little rough now, I know I will get there. 

Some of the Inventions I really Love are Light (electricity) by Michael Faraday, Air-plane by the wright brothers, and Auto-motive (motion) by Isaac Newton.  

I want to be like them, get my name into history. Come out smiling to the world: “A new scientists have arrived!”

But how can I achieve this? 

Tuition fees are very expensive, Sponsorships ain’t easy to find ➕ No friends to share the zeal of inventions with and Parents even call it childsplay, Materials needed ain’t easy to find either Here in Nigeria. 

I feel very jealous of the inventors and Inventions I find daily on net and wish I can be like them asap.  

I wish to fly to places where I can find people with same interest as I do. 

I’m a Talented Star 🌟 

Come Rain Come Sun ☀. I must Succeed.