A certain man found his wife with another man in his bedroom. Instead of shouting or beating both of them, he controlled himself and just went back to the sitting room, leaving their consciences to judge them. He switched on the Television and started watching some gospel videos. The wife and the boyfriend were in panic. The boyfriend dressed up and came by the sitting room, then he said “Sir am sorry for sleeping with your wife, it’s the work of the devil”. Husband: “It happens, you can go”. The boyfriend left. The wife never came out from the bedroom till it was time to sleep. The husband switched off the Television and went to sleep in the bedroom. He found his wife seated on the floor, crying and hoping that the man could say something. The husband never said or asked anything. He just slept and covered some blankets. In the morning when he woke up, he found his wife dead. The wife committed suicide in the middle of the night as her husband was sleeping. The husband was accused of murder and sentenced to jail.

Who was not fair ?

1.The husband,

2.The wife, or

3.The law ?

Choose one.. (Be honest), and make reasonable Comments.